Revitalise your skin naturally with the USANA SenseTM premium skincare range. Enriched with botanicals and antioxidants you can have luminous skin for all ages and skin types. USANA SenseTM also has a beautiful range of hair and body products that nourish and protect.

USANA Sense has revolutionised the science of skin and hair care with groundbreaking, self-preserving technology. It has a shelf life of two years through a blend of botanicals, antioxidants, and active ingredients that keep every Sense product fresh without the need to add parabens or chemical preservatives.

USANA Sense technologies focus primarily on the cellular health of skin. They include anti-ageing complexes that help reduce the appearance of existing signs of ageing and to prevent the appearance of new lines and wrinkles. It evens skin tone and re-textures, refines, brightens, and firms the skin's surface.

Beautiful skin and hair begins with naturally healthy skin and hair!

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USANA Sense Skin and Hair Care

USANA Energizing Shower GelUSANA Energizing Shower Gel. This energizing, soap-free cleanser purifies your skin as it softens and hydrates. Wash away impurities to reveal healthy-looking skin that feels clean, refined, and revitalized. And the tangerine fragrance will make you look forward to your morning shower.
USANA Revitalizing ShampooUSANA Revitalizing Shampoo. Ensure vibrantly healthy hair as you gently cleanse away impurities. This beneficial shampoo contains vitamins, plant extracts, and amino acids that promote optimal scalp condition and leave your hair soft, shiny, and full of body. Excellent for color-treated or chemically processed hair.
USANA Nourishing Conditioner USANA Nourishing Conditioner. Instantly moisturize and nourish your hair with this rich emollient of vital nutrients and botanical extracts. This creamy conditioner helps prevent styling and environmental damage while leaving it radiantly smooth and silky. Safe for color-treated or chemically processed hair.
USANA Firming Body Nourisher USANA Firming Body Nourisher. Pamper your body from head-to-toe with this luxurious, lightly scented body lotion that leaves your skin feeling hydrated and incredibly soft. This whole-body treat gives your skin a youthful, radiant appearance without ever feeling heavy or greasy.
USANA Natural Toothpaste USANA Natural Whitening Toothpaste. You deserve a healthier choice. That’s why USANA’s Natural Whitening Toothpaste is unique for wha is doesn’t have: No artificial colors. No artificial sweeteners. No artificial flavors. No fluoride.

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USANA Sense Skin Care

USANA Hydrating Toner USANA Hydrating Toner. Refresh and revitalise your skin with this soothing toner. This moisturising blend of pure-plant extracts balances your skin’s pH and helps combat environmental influences. Bathe your skin with essential nutrients that leave your skin looking soft, smooth, and refined.
USANA Daytime Protective Emulsion USANA Daytime Protective Emulsion. Face every day with radiance as you protect, hydrate, and replenish your skin with this high-performance moisturiser enriched with Regenisomes™. This lightweight, non-greasy formula nourishes while it defends against UV rays and other harsh environmental elements.
USANA Night Renewal USANA Night Renewal. Wake up to younger looking, rejuvenated skin. This nutrient-rich, hydrating crème works overnight, while your skin is more receptive to moisture. This restorative emulsion instantly boosts moisture levels and supports cell growth for a healthy, luminous complexion.
USANA Gentle Daily Cleanser USANA Gentle Daily Cleanser. Use this exceptional, soap-free cleanser to wash away surface dirt and impurities without drying your delicate facial skin. A unique formulation of pure-plant extracts deeply cleanses and hydrates the skin, leaving it moist and supple.
USANA Sense Deluxe Perfecting EssenceUSANA Sense Deluxe Pack with Perfecting Essence. Use this complete package for clinically proven improvements in the look and feel of the skin.
USANA Sense Deluxe with Serum Intensive USANA Sense Deluxe Pack with Serum Intensive. Use this complete package for clinically proven improvements in the look and feel of the skin.
USANA Sense Basic Pack USANA Sense Basic Pack. Includes Gentle Daily Cleanser, Hydrating Toner, Daytime Protective Emulsion, and Night Renewal.

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USANA Sense Skin Treatment

USANA Perfecting Essence USANA Perfecting Essence. A breakthrough in skin-care technology, PERFECTING ESSENCE beautifully renews the skin, leading to visible improvements in skin tone and elasticity while it helps prevent future signs of ageing from appearing. Use this restorative treatment daily to reveal your healthiest, most radiant looking skin.
USANA Eye Nourisher USANA Eye Nourisher. Soften away the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with this nutrient-rich emulsion made specifically for the eye area. Regenisomes™ and our exclusive DSR™ technology combine with soothing botanicals to brighten the eye area and leave you with a well-rested and refreshed appearance.
USANA Rice Bran Polisher USANA Rice Bran Polisher. Revive the freshness of your complexion with this gentle exfoliant. Natural fruit enzymes, beta-hydroxy acid, and rice-bran beads remove impurities and dead skin cells while aloe and other natural emollients nourish and refresh, leaving skin smoother, clearer, and more radiant.
USANA Nutritious Creme Masque USANA Nutritious Creme Masque. This skin-quenching masque gently exfoliates as it detoxifies your skin. Rich with vitamins, minerals, and nourishing plant extracts, this luscious treatment will leave your skin feeling soothed, softened, and wonderfully restored.
USANA Blanc Balance Brightening Masque USANA Blanc Balance Brightening Masque. Experience exceptional benefits to your skin including Brightening, Whitening, Firming and more.
USANA Blanc Balance Brightening Radiance Serum USANA Blanc Balance Brightening Radiance Serum. Helps create revitalised radiant complexion, and minimises discoloration, dark spots and fine lines.
USANA Serum Intensive USANA Serum Intensive. Concentrated refining serum to reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.

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Soap-free invigorating shower gel that leaves skin smooth and hydrated
Use this complete package for clinically proven improvements in the look and feel of the skin.
Flouride-free toothpaste that helps maintain healthy teeth and gums
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